8 reasons why Connaught Place is a foodie hub

Connaught place, or "CP", ranks super high on the foodie charts of Delhi. Ask any Delhi Gastronomical Gunda, and they will surely lead you to the tempting circles of CP. With broad roads, white buildings of architectural delight of Luytens Delhi, well mapped roads and easy transportation service, CP always welcomes you with wide arms. Whatever you intend to eat, CP is the perfect destination for one and all. So here are the 10 reasons you will love CP, food-wise!
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1. Head to a Sugary Heaven!

From sweet baked cakes...

Red Velvet Cake at Starbucks

To some emaculate waffles.

And donuts!

But no one passes on the aphrodisiac that is Chocolate!

Chocolate Tart at Wenger's Delhi

Of any shape...

Brown Zebra at Bercos

Size or form!

It ain't a meal if not ended with ice-cream, Indian style!

Paan Ice cream at Pabrai's Fresh and Naturelle Ice Creams

2. Fast Food Snackers!

Apart from the oh-so-yummy Fast Food, Delhi's foodie map isn't complete unless you have visited the roadside kiosks, the friendly neighborhood chaat walas, hogged down that one extra gol gappa, or gorged on noodles at a ‘road-side van’.

To begin with, there is the fast food we depend on.

Chicken and egg muffin at Starbucks

Cheesy Sandwhich ! at Cha bar

And then moving onto the basic mind-blowing bites.

Daaveli at Haldiraams

Vada Pav at Life Caffe

Every Delhiite's fall-back option is the Kulcha.

Paneer Kulcha at Keventers

3. A mix of Appetizers!

Bring on the nibbles. The ideal company to your sparkling beverage, these appetizers make the gossip even more interesting, long and Spicer!

Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce at Beer Cafe,  CP

4. A Vegetarians Delight!

Those on the Vegan path – a million options beckon you to savor the fare. Many foreigners flock the recommended joints to relish the Indian way of food and unique selections available.

Whether it is South-Indian cuisine...

South Indian Thali at Sarvana Bhavan

Or some crunchy starters.

Honey Chilli Potato at Haldiraams

There's a type for every palate.

5. East India food love.

If variety of Dimsums, Fish options, strong costal smack is what you desire – do find your way to CP. All your senses will consume you while you savour the delicacies.

Who doesn't love them some Momos!

And some fish for the Bengali soul.

Just go all out on a plate of noodles!

Hakka Noodles at Bercos

Fancy a taste of Turkey?

Shish Taouk at Ware House cafe

6. Diet shiet food!

Want to enjoy an outing and appetite hunger filling and calorie saving dish, no worries, You have an option open here too!

No brownie points for guessing what everyone's go-to diet food is.

Healthy Salad at QBA'S

Soup is a close second.

7. Masaladar & lawabdar bites

Indians always have a thing for the spicy. The zing of a lemon twist, the smoking hot red chilly, the oodles of butter on the desi food can tempt anyone!

To begin with, there is always Khan Chacha here!

And some of the most mouth-watering Butter Chicken one could ask for.

Butter chicken at Ilyas

And there's Biryani for everyone too!

Biryani at Pind balluchi

8. Refreshing slurps!

For the lazy moments, for alumni catch-ups, for tender moments of love – there is something to sip for all reasons.

Say yes to Shakes!

Chocolate smoothie  at Starbucks

And everyone's favourite non-alcoholic beverage, Coffee!

Or would you rather chug down a juice instead?

But let's face it, at the end of the day, this is all you need!

So stay happy and munch down food of all kinds in CP!

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Till then, Have a happy meal!


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