What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?


Becoming an entrepreneur is the great Indian dream and every day more and more people are starting their own businesses to make it big in life. It is the buzzword which has captured the attention of everyone from young to old but what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur?

How can Reselling Help You Earn 30k a Month from Home?


Imagine this…you have neither products nor any capital, yet you own a fashion store and you are earning from home. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing the first order of your online store. Imagine earning money just by sharing. Well, e-commerce has made all of this a reality! Click to read more

How to Start your Online Boutique with ZERO Investment?


You always wanted to have your own fashion store, didn’t you? But it seemed too much effort with maintaining inventories, investing a lot of money and so much more, right? However, with the growing popularity of e-commerce, you can now easily create your own web store without any investment. Create your own fashion boutique, share the products that you love and earn money from the comforts of your home. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is!

Lazy college guy makes it big! Story of Vidhaan who funded his own studies.


Why are you so lazy? Why don’t you do something productive? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are the career options you have? What are you going to do? He had heard it all before and he heard them out patiently and then went ahead and did what he wanted to do anyway. Meet Vidhaan, the fashion store owner who owes his success to laziness.

Babita, the scientist turned fashion CEO, and how motherhood unleashed the entrepreneur in her.


This is the story of Babita Badlani and how she turned her life, which was like everyone else’s to one which now others aspire to. If you find yourself in her story then you, too, could create one of your own.

5 Product Photography Tips to Make Your Pictures Stand Out


Taking a perfect picture of what you wish to sell would help your product tell its own story. It would change the way people see even the simplest things and you won’t even need to pitch a sale. The picture will self-advertise. Here’s how.

Why college girls are not opting for placements anymore


College going girls are now opting out of campus placement and the trend is gaining momentum each day. They are looking for more lucrative options and and have found better means of earning a great living.

The beginner’s guide to Instagram marketing


Instagram has over 700 million active users and it has emerged as one of the most prominent social media platforms to share your content. Of late, it has also become quite useful in promoting businesses by connecting directly with your potential clients. The most important benefit that businesses have through Instagram is that marketing is totally FREE. So, if you are a beginner, here’s how you can ace the Instagram marketing:

New Shipping rules & Returns Policy


As you are aware, Wooplr takes care of all the hard work – finding products and brands, technology, payments and refunds, delivery and returns, and a world-class customer care team so that you need not be bothered with the footwork and You could just focus on sharing and earnings from your store.
From time to time we keep evaluating the cost of shipping & logistics costs to ensure smooth operations of the business. We have made following changes to our shipping charges w.e.f 26 April 2018. A flat shipping charge of Rs 39 per product is applicable to all orders.

5 Advantages of owning an E-commerce store.



E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have already shown how profitable selling online could be. They have already established the business format and have shown us the value of owning an online store. Now, they might be huge businesses with billions of dollars
but that doesn’t mean their examples cannot be emulated.


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