Making money on Youtube is not as complicated as you may think and you really don’t need millions of followers to earn from Youtube. Here’s how you can create your own channel and earn money from Youtube without much investment

YouTubers are the new creators, they are the new rockstars and they make money on Youtube quite easily as well. Yes, it’s true that a lot of them have millions of followers and hence they make millions of dollars but it is not true for all of them. There are still thousands of YouTubers who earn every day and that too with very few followers.

On Youtube, your earning potential does not depend on followers only. It also depends on the levels of engagement you generate, the niche you cater to and other revenue channels that you explore. Here, we have some great tips on how you can use Youtube to add to your income.

Ads are the first way to make money. When you start your channel, set yourself up as a YouTube partner by going to the Creator Studio section. There, you can enable monetization with the click of a button. Once you become a partner, opt for an AdSense account and Google will take care of how your videos get views and how much money you may earn. Once you have the AdSense enabled, you can easily get reports from Google and monetize your views easily.

But ads are not the only option. You can actually sell your merchandise on YouTube. You can easily add links to your store, like the one you have at Wooplr, and it will get you more visitors to your store as well as your videos. YouTube can become another avenue for you to share your products on, increasing your chances of earning.

Other platforms like Twitter and Facebook could also be used effectively to promote your channel. Share the links to your YouTube videos on other social media platforms to get more traction. Put the links on Twitter, on Facebook, on your blog and even WhatsApp them to the people close to you. You will see your views as well as the visitors to your store increase quite substantially.

Working with other influencers is yet another way of earning more from your channel without having a number of followers. Get in touch with other YouTubers, brands, affiliates etc. to promote their stuff on your channel and you can promote your stuff on theirs. Create a mutual relationship with other similar YouTube channels and you can benefit with their influence as well.

While these are some of the ways you can add to your revenue stream, there are certain other tips which may be helpful in boosting your videos.


1) Create something new and original.

2) Try creating your own audience from scratch. This will ensure loyalty.

3) Be consistent with your posts and do not forget posting new things after the first video.

4) Plan ahead and prepare at least 2-3 videos before you post your first one.

5) Be simple and straightforward. Make your content easy to understand.

Follow these tips and you would see your videos thrive. You will gain more followers and as you grow, your income will start growing as well

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