Starting your own business can be extremely challenging. There are many things to take care of. 

Sourcing the right products, finding the right vendor, buying stock etc. It’s a huge investment and if the products you stocked do not sell then it would be difficult to recover the loss. You can’t buy new inventory till the old stock is sold.

But these are just some of the things new business owners have to be prepared for. There is also the hassle of shipping, delivery, payments, tech, customer support and so on.

One Stop Solution to all your problems? 

Wooplr provides you with 100,000+ products from clothes, curtains, bed sheets, home, electronics, and many more trending products that you can sell and EASILY make a profitable business, all free of cost.

There are no separate website maintenance chargesYou get your own online store at no extra cost.

You can simply share products with your network on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any social media channel. Every time you sell a product you earn a profit that you can set!

Easy Transactions

Your customers can pay for their purchase using the Cash on Delivery (COD) or card/netbanking.

“I was initially quite hesitant about Wooplr. But with 200+ successfully delivered orders and 25k+ income per month, today I’m the proud owner of an extremely profitable business which only continues to grow.”

~ Lavanya Gowda, Homemaker & Businesswoman

How do your customers get the product?

Wooplr takes care of the delivery. Our delivery partners ensure your customers get timely delivery of the products. Moreover, we also have an entire dedicated team of Customer Service specialists who ensure any delays are immediately taken care of.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Customers also have the option of returning the product within a 5 day period after delivery if they are dissatisfied or get products exchanged if there are quality problems.

How Do You Get Your Earnings?

Your earnings are automatically credited to your account after the 5 day return period. The money will be credited to PayTM or your Bank Account, as per your choice.

So start today and get your online business started hassle-free with Wooplr!


  1. Wooplr gives you an easy way to browse 100,000+ products from clothes, curtains, bed sheets, home, electronics, and many more trending products that you can sell. You can EASILY make a profitable business all free of cost.


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