1. Who can sell online?


‘Anyone can sell’. That’s what’s driving the new sellers who no longer have to create physical stores to sell. Setting up an online store has become one of the easiest things, and platforms like Wooplr are making it even more convenient. The thing is: If you have a product you wish to sell, you can sell it online, you don’t have to be either a techie or a business person. Get on with it, create your store here


2. What is the start-up cost of selling online?

The startup cost of selling online varies. If you are looking to set up your own website, you may need to spend more on buying the site and then managing it, too. Another option is to become a partner with other online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Wooplr etc. and use their platform to create your own store. With Wooplr, for example, the startup cost is ZERO and you can get started in less than thirty minutes. 


3. What skills do I need to sell online?


A number of people are now selling online and to be quite frank, there is no particular skill set required to do so. All you need is an online store where you can display your products and share the same on your social media. You can also go for digital marketing but that comes much later. To begin with, the only skill you need is your passion for your product and your willingness to sell it. 


4. I am not tech savvy, could I still have a successful business?



Yes. Being tech savvy is not a requirement to have a successful business. Some knowledge of platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. is all that you need to share your products. Websites like Wooplr, take care of all the other needs like managing the website, shipping the products, payments etc. You just need to add your products to your online shelf and you are good to go. Try creating your store here


5. Where do I learn to sell online?


Though there are courses available which teach you how to sell online, most of the successful businesses have made it through trial-and-error. You can undertake a course if you like, but the best way is to learn from mistakes. That being said, the online platforms are not like traditional businesses and there is no one-size-fits-all policy to go about it. The first step is to get started and then solve problems as and when they come while learning in the process.


6. What is the process of selling online?


There is no set process and it depends on what you are selling. Take Wooplr for example. Here, all you need to do is set up your store, add the products you wish to sell and start sharing those products on your social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Your friends and followers can see your photos on the social media and then buy directly from your store. It’s that simple.


7. How much money can I expect to make?

[A screenshot of some influencer who made, say, 60,000 in a month]

As with any other business, there is no certainty to how much money you can make but what is certain is that you can make as much money as you want. In short, it depends completely on you. The more you share, the more you can sell and the more opportunities you have to earn.


8. How do I grow my business and market my products?


The best part of selling online is that growing your business and marketing your products is not that difficult or expensive. Both the growth of your business and the marketing your products would depend on your being active on social media. The easiest way to do that is by sharing regularly. With more followers and your regular shares, the name of your store spreads easily and it can soon turn it into a brand. It’s easy, affordable and it works. Thousands have done it before and you can do it too.





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