Owning your own business was never this easy and selling, never so simple. While everyone else is busy shopping online, following trends and on the lookout for the next big thing in fashion, you have the wonderful opportunity to buck the trend and make it your own. Here, from the desk of Wooplr, we reveal 5 reasons why you should be selling online rather than buying. Read on.

#1 You set the trend, you mark the tone

We’ve all had enough of browsing through pages on an online store looking for that perfect dress, enough of following the celebrities who set the trends and enough of recommendation which the stores throw our way. It’s time to stop following and start leading.

With your own online store, it is you who sets the trend. It is you who decides what clothes your store has, what themes you’d like to showcase and which clothes you’d recommend to your customers. It’s you who decides what’s trendy and it’s you who sets the tone.

With your own store, you take back the power e-commerce had over you.


#2 Others copy YOU

Become the first, mark the trend and flaunt your style. When you are done following, you start leading and the better your sense of style, the better your earnings. If you think your style is unique, if you think that you can offer more and that your style could match even the best in the business, then what are you waiting for? Start selling and let others follow your lead.


#3 You speak to express, not to impress

When you follow someone, when you copy someone else’s style and when you buy clothes which others recommend, you do so to impress. But when you curate your own store, when you decide which clothes your store would sell and when you decide what your recommendations are, you begin to express. You start reflecting your own style and you turn the tables, just like that. Our question is: Why try to impress when you can express?

#4 You own the business

When you start selling, you are no longer the consumer but the owner. You not only own a business which becomes a part of your identity, you also influence the industry itself. You make the decisions, you decide the outcome and best of all, you decide how far you are willing to go to succeed. The power to earn lies with you and like any other business the sky’s the limit to what you can achieve.


#5 Why spend when you can earn?

If you are confident of your sense of style, if you know that you have what it takes to buck the trend and if you know that when you’ll lead, others will follow then there’s really no need for you to spend money on buying clothes online which others have recommended. You have worked for your style, it’s time your style works for you.So, this is the million dollar question we would like to leave you with.

When it comes to an online clothing store, why spend when you can earn?

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