WhatsApp Sales Hacks: How to use WhatsApp Business


There’s great news for you if you own an online business and are selling on WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp Business app is going to make your business easy to organise and improve the way you manage your customers. The new features in Whatsapp are really helpful for a business owner. If used right, the new app can help you grow your business quickly as well as effectively. 

#1 How to create a WhatsApp business profile?

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone. (We’ve attached the link to the app below)
  2. Sign up with your phone number. It would be better if you used your business number for easy verification.
  3. It would ask you to create your business profile which means that you would need to fill details like business’ name, the address, phone numbers etc. You can find this by going to Settings > Business Settings > Profile.

#2 Set up WhatsApp for business

There are some features like labels and automated messages which you can look into to make sure you are present to the customer.

Go to: Settings > Business Settings

  1. There would be three options available for you: Away message, Greeting message, and Quick replies. These messages could be set by you based on your needs and they respond accordingly.
  2. An away message can be set by you when you are not available but do not want to keep the client waiting. It would automatically send them a message as you choose. This can also be customized based on time, like say after 9 PM at night.

Example : Hi! Apologies. We’re away right now but will get back to you post 7 am tomorrow. 

3. The greeting message is useful for new customers who have messaged you for the first time or has returned after being inactive for 14 days. It will automatically greet your customer with your set message.

4. The quick replies can be customized by you. This can be used to answer the frequently asked questions or it can have a set message as you choose. 

#3 Using the features effectively

  • Add Labels to your chats – Open the menu button on an open chat and tap New Label. Enter what you want the label to be and Save. This is a really good tool to keep a track of your customers. A new customer, for example, can be labeled as Potential Client or a regular customer can be labeled as Prime Customer. Either way, you may be able to keep track of the conversations based on these easy labels of your choice.
  • It can be used on Web and desktops – This feature is the same as that of the regular WhatsApp application. The benefit of this is that it can help you conduct your business via your laptop or your desktop seamlessly. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web and scan the given QR code. You are good to go.
  • Measures your reach– One important aspect of this version is that it gives you statistics about your messages. You can use this information to know which customers are responding positively to your conversation and who are responding negatively. It can tell you the number of messages you sent, the number which reached, and how many of them were read. Such stats are important because you may change your content based on data. If not a lot of people are reading your messages, you could try changing the text or finding new content. It will help you adapt to changing customer thoughts sooner.
  • Your account will have credibility– WhatsApp has revealed that soon Business accounts would get a verification mark like the blue marks on Twitter or Facebook. It would help add credibility to your business. People will trust you more if you have the verified mark on your account. It is, therefore, important that you select your account as Business. This means that the people you have conversations with will know that you own a business.
  • Broadcast your message– WhatsApp already allows sending out mass messages through broadcasting them and this feature is also supported by the business version. Currently, however, it is limited to 256 numbers.

These are some of the basic features which are a must for you, as a business owner, to have. It will save your time, help you interact with your customers effectively even when you are not online, and most importantly make it easy for you to manage the business in an organized and orderly manner.

Download the Whatsapp Business App now!



This Small Town Woman is Making it Big with her Online Business. You can too!


Have you heard of the town Sirhind-Fatehgarh? Do you know which state it belongs to?

Chances are that you may have not even heard of this place and yet a homemaker from this small town in Punjab is writing a success story of her own. An entrepreneur by nature, Preeti Vadhera has overcome great odds to be where she is today and her story is nothing short of an inspiration.

I have often heard others say that people from a small town cannot make it big in life and they cannot dream big but I feel happy to say that I am proving them wrong.’ Preeti Vadhera replied with a great smile on her face when we asked her why she started a business of her own.

She had always been an excellent student and has an M.A. in English with an MBA degree in HR. She has also taught at universities as a professor. She had a good career but she also wanted to start a married life. Her husband is a mobile shop owner. It was difficult for her to manage both responsibilities at the same time so she quit her job to focus more on her new family first. But this did not mean that she gave up on her dreams.

She is driven by ambition

I knew that when the right opportunity came, I would be able to grab it and with Wooplr I got that opportunity in the most wonderful way.

She likes her financial independence and chose to start her own business while looking after her family.

Preeti owns an online store of her own and has been very active on social media promoting her products.

She is a part of over 50 Facebook groups and is promoting her store on almost all social media platforms. She understands her clients and also how to use her social media influence to grow her business.

She started small

When we asked her how she was able to expand her business so much, she said,’ I started small by recommending products of low price range. Once my customers realised that I was offering them good products of great quality, they came back for more. I was able to build trust. As more orders came in, I also started sharing products of a higher price range. My customers brought that too as they knew I was recommending the best thing to them. This was my trick to create a loyal customer base.’ 

She further says that the fact she did not have to invest a single rupee to start a business and she earns a 25% commission on every sale she makes, gives her the added incentive to work harder. She works at her own time and chooses the products she wants to sell. She does not have to worry about the quality, delivery, payment, or maintaining stocks of clothes to run her business. Wooplr takes care of it all for her.

She trusted Wooplr to help her grow

Wooplr made the process very easy for me. All I needed to do was share my products with my customers and forget about the rest. The process was so smooth and free of issues that at first I did not believe it could be true. But then when my first order came through and I received my first payment, I knew I had found the right way to earn money on my own.’

She likes the simplicity and how smoothly she can run her business. She is looking to grow it even more. 

Preeti is a small town girl who is making it big in business as she grabbed the opportunity when it came her way. She is a success story and is inspiring others by leading by example. And she tells anyone she meets that if she can run a successful business of her own, so can anyone, all you need to do is get started, now!

Ways to Make Quick Sales on WhatsApp chat?


Did you know: in 2018, WhatsApp has been voted as one of the best ways to grow your business.

If you own a business then you know that converting a potential client into an actual client is really difficult. But with the social media platforms like WhatsApp, it has become possible for you to connect with your client on a personal level and make sure that a sale happens.

And that is not all, a good conversation with your client can definitely turn a pitch into a sale. The following conversation tricks are highly effective in creating trust and will help your business gain more loyal clients.

1) Bait and flip

This technique uses 3 things. First, you tell your clients something they agree with. Then you tell them something exactly the opposite or shocking. Then give them a solution. This technique works because it helps you convince your client that you are telling the truth and that you are on their side. It wins their trust.

For example: Suppose you want to promote your online store.


You: I make sure that the quality is never compromised with and that is why I pick only the best to keep in my store.
Your client would feel that they can trust you as you pointed out the thing they are afraid of: the quality of clothes. This would lead to a sale.

2) Tell a Story

People have a tendency to connect with stories. They cannot help themselves but feel close to a person and trust the person who tells them a story. Tell your client a short story. The aim is to make it feel personal.

For example: When you want to promote a new dress in your collection.

“I recently went to a party where Mrs. Verma had come with her daughter, Neha. Neha was back from her college and she was wearing this perfect blue dress. You won’t believe how beautiful she looked and she got so many compliments too. The dress looked so pretty on her that I immediately decided to have it in my store.

Here, you have told your client about the dress in a very subtle manner. You did not seem too eager to sell a product and still managed to tell them how amazing your product really is. And since it was in the form of a story, they were entertained and also convinced. Really good for a sale.

3) Flatter them a bit

Everyone, no matter who likes compliments. And if they are your potential client then flattering them slightly is always welcome. But make sure that you do not go overboard and keep thing subtle and smooth.

For Example: Suppose you want to promote a saree at your store.

By using flattery, you made sure that they do not say no to you. They would definitely check it out and if they like it, you have made your sale.

4) Ask, Listen, Reply

This is one of the simplest but efficient ways of making a sale. Here, you basically cater to a demand by understanding a demand first. First, you ask a question which makes them think, then you listen to their reply and understand their requirement, and then you offer a solution in reply.

For example: You want to promote a casual shirt.


Here, you asked your client about their requirement. They told you about that and you came up with a solution. Problem solved. A sale would happen because they trust you as you helped them when they were confused


These strategies are highly effective in creating conversations and converting a pitch into a sale. Try them out in your circle with your own store and the results would be incredible. 


What’s New with Wooplr: Weekly Updates – 6th -12th August 2018


We’re excited to announce a lot of new features on your Wooplr app and experience!

Check refunds with UTR number

On every PayTM transaction, we now generate a Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number which will help you easily check your transaction’s status directly with the bank. 


Wooplr takes pride in being an inclusive community. We now have our signature red and white packaging with Thank You’s written in 20 Indian languages so your valuable customers from all parts of India are addressed. There is no mention of Wooplr anywhere and your store name comes on the receipt in order to personalise your store customer’s experience. 

Help Center 

We have now launched a Help Centre, where you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and videos that will have all solutions to any problems you may face. There is also the option to contact Customer Support in case your query isn’t listed. Check it out now to find out about Wooplr features you may have missed!

Reschedule delivery

A Non-Delivery Report (NDR) number is generated and sent as an SMS if a delivery is attempted and fails. This number can be used to RESCHEDULE the delivery to another date.   

How to Use WhatsApp Groups Effectively to Boost Your Business!


Every other person you see today has the WhatsApp app. It has become the most preferred mode of conversation. According to statistics, we tend to have around 20-30 chats/conversations in a day.

In fact, people are also a part of minimum 4-5 groups. Keeping this in mind, let’s now come to how exactly you can use this information to your advantage to boost your Wooplr business!

Identifying your Audience

When you start your business it’s extremely important to identify your first set of users and invite them to try out your products. You also need to collect feedback from them once in a while.

Ideally, these first users are your family and friends because they are easy to approach & you know their taste & preferences.

Create a WhatsApp group for your store. This is where you can add people who are your regulars. You can post new products, sale announcements, discounts, contests, exclusive offers etc here.

To add people to your group, send them a Whatsapp Group Invite link. Inviting to join the group has more conversion then adding someone without permission. It leaves a positive impact on the receiver.

Best content for WhatsApp Group

The next thing is what to post in these groups. Ensure you post on a regular basis, preferably every day. Here are some ideas on what types of content you could post.

Share New arrivals

Share the best selling products (2-3) or new arrivals of the day depending on what might be more popular among your customers.


Share testimonials from happy customers. Get a customer to post a picture on their purchase and share it on the group. This gives your store more credibility and is also proof of how the products look for new customers.

Product Descriptions

Ensure you include ALL important information about the product while sharing it such as Price, Material, Colours and Sizes available, Discounts etc.

For instance,

“Stylish Kurti made of top-class Chanderi silk, available in S, M,L and XL, an additional 10% discount only for today! Available at just Rs.599.”  

Exclusive Offers

In the initial days focus on having a loyal customer base, Don’t worry about earning higher commissions. In order to keep your first customers happy, generate coupon codes and share on the group. This helps them understand that there are additional benefits of staying in the group.

Contests and Giveaways

Keep the group engaged by announcing interesting giveaways and contests. For instance, a contest could be, “Place maximum orders today to get Diwaah handbag worth Rs 999 absolutely free”. Promotions and small investments like this go a long way in establishing trust with your customers and retaining their loyalty. It shows your customers you care about them.

Grow Your Base

The best way to grow your customer base is to ask your existing customers to refer new people to shop from your store by promising referral bonus or discounts.

Connect with Your Audience

Once in two months or once a month try to meet up with people who stay in the same city as you. Not only does this help you establish a closer relationship with your customers but it also is a great way to make them feel like a close-knit community.


When you share updates is quite important. Randomly posting whenever you want simply doesn’t work. You must observe when people are most active. Ideal times are in the afternoon around 12pm, evenings post 4 pm & late night post the dinner time.

When people are most active on the groups, you will have higher chances of getting more leads.

Hope this helps! Do let us know in the comments if there are any more ways which we may have missed out that you use for Whatsapp Group Marketing.

Start selling, start earning!

Smart tips to sell on Whatsapp!


If you’ve set up your online Wooplr store, the next step is to share it extensively. For this it is important to find an appropriate channel to use through which you can communicate with your customers.

Whatsapp is an extremely convenient social media channel being widely used today. You could run your entire Wooplr business on Whatsapp. Here are a few tips on how. 

Friends and Family Whatsapp Groups

Once you open your store, start by promoting on your various friends/family whatsapp groups.

You must already be aware of what categories are popular with your different groups. So share products accordingly.

Bedsheet, sarees, kurtis, dress materials – whatever they like, share the entire catalogue with them and do this regularly. 

Building Trust

Whenever you share a product, make sure you share all details about it as well. For instance, payment options, availability of Cash On Delivery, Returns or exchange policy. When you share these details, your customer gets more confidence in your product and their decision making gets a lot easier.  

Collect Product Reviews/Feedback

If a family member is hesitant about purchasing, buy the product for them and collect payment from them after, if they like it. There is always the return option in case they don’t.

If 2-3 people have already bought from your store, other people will follow suit. What you can also do to make this happen is collect feedback. Get your customers to share pictures of them with the product. Sharing this with your other customers helps increase their confidence in your business.

Product Description

It’s important to share all details about the product such as material, size in advance. For instance,

“Stylish Kurti made of top class Chanderi silk, available in S,M,L and XL, additional 10% discount only for today! Available at just Rs.599.”  

See how price, discount and material come together to become an attractive product offer. It grabs their attention.


When you show people different varieties of materials and designs, their interest increases since there are so many options. So while sharing, try to make sure that there are 10-15 products in each catalogue. When people see variety, they realize that there’s a huge collection for them to choose from and the supplier is genuine.

Whatsapp Status

Apart from sharing on groups, also ensure that you share best selling products DAILY as your whatsapp status. This is an easy way to generate leads. People will see your status and immediately ask for more details.  


Once you have created a decent base of people for yourself, you can add them to your broadcast list. For instance, there could be different lists for women and men; however your customers are divided.

Once the list is made, you must regularly update them with new releases, offers, sale, discounts and so on.


When you share updates is quite important. Randomly posting whenever you want simply doesn’t work. You must observe when people are most active. Ideal times are in the afternoon around 12pm and evenings post 4pm.

When people are most active on the groups, you will have higher chances of getting more leads. 

Hope these tips were helpful! Do let us know in the comments if there are any more ways which we may have missed out that you use for Whatsapp Marketing!

Start Earning Now! 

Dream do Come True! How Pooja brought Big Brands to her Small Town!


My name is Sai Pooja and I am a homemaker turned business owner. From being completely dependent on my husband for finances, today I’m able to singlehandedly take care of all household expenses and my son’s school fees. I also made my dream of making a positive difference in my small town of Rishikesh come true with my online business. Here is how I did it.

I stay with my husband and son in a small town called Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a nice place to reside in, it’s simple and peaceful but not very advanced. Facilities are limited.

Last year I travelled to New Delhi and I was amazed by the number of big shops and brand outlets that exist in cities like Delhi. It’s while travelling to different cities that I realize what my city lacks. There aren’t any big brand outlets, no boutiques or fancy big clothing stores. There’s very limited access to modern fashion but if I was finding a need for it, I was sure there was more demand for it amongst other locals.

Turning Opportunity into a full-time business

I could clearly see my next steps. I saw an excellent business opportunity and I decided to open an outlet in Rishikesh, a boutique with a decent range of categories. But finding a supplier in this area was difficult. I wasn’t able to find the right products at nominal rates. Also, my lack of experience in this field added to the struggle and eventually I gave up.

That’s when my friend told me about the platform Wooplr. I assumed in the beginning that there must be some registration fee or investment but when I logged in, my store was ready. I simply had to add products which were also listed on the platform. To test it out I got my husband to place an order.

This meant that in the course of a single day, my business was live. I went ahead and told all my friends and family about it.  

Simply earning through Whatsapp Chats

My Whatsapp chats have now become a source of income for me. I regularly share products on WhatsApp with my friends and place orders for those who like it.

Every time a customer buys from my store I make 25% of the selling price as commission.”

I take payment from them if they like the product after it gets delivered.

Today the same people love and trust my brand and so they regularly place orders. My initial 50 customers are now 150 in number. I give my customers coupon codes and discounts when they refer someone else to my store.

I once met a teacher who resides in my colony through common friends. Being a teacher, she regularly requires sarees and must have ordered at least 8-10 sarees from my store. She’s so satisfied with her purchases that she went ahead and told all her colleagues about my store.

“Now there is a circle of 10-12 teachers who shop exclusively from my store. I’ve also made a dedicated WhatsApp group for them. Whenever there is a new collection, I directly share it there. Not just this, they also now order kids wear from my store for their children.”  

They also got me to put up a stall during an event at the school and I got a lot of orders that day. I sold numerous tiffin boxes and school bags.

I can’t believe I am able to live my dream without spending a penny. It’s so simple to start an online business now. All it takes is sheer will and good conversational skills.

“The one person happiest from this business is my mother because she’s always seen my struggle to start something of my own and I finally did it. And nothing brings me more joy than being able to make my mother proud.” 

How Do I Earn with Wooplr?


Starting your own business can be extremely challenging. There are many things to take care of.

Sourcing the right products, finding the right vendor, buying stock etc. It’s a huge investment and if the products you stocked do not sell then it would be difficult to recover the loss. You can’t buy new inventory till the old stock is sold.

But these are just some of the things new business owners have to be prepared for. There is also the hassle of shipping, delivery, payments, tech, customer support and so on.

One Stop Solution to all your problems? 

Wooplr provides you with 100,000+ products from clothes, curtains, bed sheets, home, electronics, and many more trending products that you can sell and EASILY make a profitable business, all free of cost.

There are no separate website maintenance chargesYou get your own online store at no extra cost.

You can simply share products with your network on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any social media channel. Every time you sell a product you earn 25% of the selling price as commission. 


Easy Transactions

Your customers can pay for their purchase using the Cash on Delivery (COD) or card/netbanking.

“I was initially quite hesitant about Wooplr. But with 200+ successfully delivered orders and 25k+ income per month, today I’m the proud owner of an extremely profitable business which only continues to grow.”

~ Lavanya Gowda, Homemaker & Businesswoman

How do your customers get the product?

Wooplr takes care of the delivery. Our delivery partners ensure your customers get timely delivery of the products. Moreover, we also have an entire dedicated team of Customer Service specialists who ensure any delays are immediately taken care of.

Easy Returns and Exchanges

Customers also have the option of returning the product within a 5 day period after delivery if they are dissatisfied or get products exchanged if there are quality problems.

How Do You Get Your Earnings?

Your earnings are automatically credited to your account after the 5 day return period. The money will be credited to PayTM or your Bank Account, as per your choice.

So start today and get your online business started hassle-free with Wooplr!

How to Win a Brand New 43’’ Mi TV!


If you’re looking for the chance to win a brand new TV or a much-needed microwave oven, then we hope you’re participating in the August Festival!

Here are some simple tips on how to stay ahead in the leader-board and win the challenge

Share everywhere

Your best chance to get noticed and make sales is to share your products  on various social media channels. Be aware not to spam people but share smartly and involve yourself  into relevant conversations.

Promote best products

Based on your past sales and trends that you see you can push a new set of best sellers on a daily basis that is unique to your store.

Activate your loyalists

Don’t be afraid to ask all your loyal customers and friends to support you. They can help by posting about your store and the offers and services you provide, through their WhatsApp status or other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Treat them Special

Offer various incentives like discounts or bonus offers to your loyal customers and friends. You can win the bonus through their help so make sure to take care of them through various incentives.

New customers deserve EXTRA

Offer them incentives that would attract new customers and keep them coming back. Treat it as a part of your marketing cost to expand your base and get new people to shop at your store.  Also, your customers deserve a little extra as they are helping you out.

Good luck! 😀 

How to Use Instagram to Get More Orders


Don’t have enough orders even after repeatedly sharing on Whatsapp?

It’s time to try a new channel to market your store! An Instagram Business Page is easy to create, has multiple useful features and is an extremely convenient way to reach out to more people who could be potential customers. Not only is it a great platform but also one of the most consumed channels with over 1 billion users.

“Today I have 4000 followers on Instagram and make about INR 25000 a month, every time a follower shops from my store I make 25% commision” – Debasmita Sengupta, Top Store Owner 

How to Use Instagram to Make Big Money

Here is an 8 step process you can follow to use Instagram effectively for your Wooplr store.

  • Set up an Instagram Business page & Put a suitable description for your store, explain the benefits. For instance, COD and Returns available. Deliver Pan India

  • Post relevant products, highlight what’s trending.

  • Provide a detailed description for each product such as available sizes, delivery options, fabric etc.

  • Ask them to DM for more details.

  • List your business number or email address, this way your customer can reach out to you faster

  • Always get feedback from customers and repost their picture testimonials, this gives your account more credibility.

  • Giveaways are a great way to get more followers and keep customers happy and engaged.

  • Keep in constant touch with customers from when they place the order until they receive it.

  • Promotions. If possible, promote best-selling products once a week. Promotions are a great way to drive traffic directly to your store.

  • Create a hashtag for your store. This helps your customers feel like they’re part of a close knit community & your search results improve.

  • Hashtags improve your search results. Many people do research by searching on specific hashtags. By using the hashtags that are of interest to your ideal customer, you can increase the chances of being found. You can double your engagement and increase clickthrough rates by including hashtags. Use popular, established hashtags. For instance #instafashion #fashion #sale #trending #outfit. 

  • Remember to put your store link in your bio. This is an effective Call-to-Action for your page visitors and to convert them to customers.

Ready to get more orders?

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