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How did I do it?

Let me start from the beginning…

As a child, I was always good at maths and was fascinated with numbers. I was sure that I was going to do something with numbers when I was older. Luckily, after college, I got a job as a data entry operator for a reputed company.

I was extremely happy with my work. Though it was long work and minimum pay, it was tiring but fulfilling.

At the peak of my career, I met the love of my life and we got married. Eventually, I had to give up my job to take care of my husband and daughter.

For a long time, I kept myself busy by taking care of my daughter and though taking care of my family was great I was looking for something more.

Once my daughter was a little older I started looking for opportunities to make money online.

I saw a lot of requirements for a data operators but nothing appealed to me as I wanted to be at home every day when my daughter came back from school.  

That’s when I found Wooplr. It was a stress-free way to start your store online and make money from the comfort of your home.

Yes, I’m a numbers person but with no investment required, I didn’t see a risk of trying it out.

Today, I sell to all the women in my apartment building and to people in my husband’s office. Even the mothers from my children’s school ask me for my store link!

From making 15K a month as a data analyst with long tiring hours to making 30K every 2 weeks from the comfort of my house while I get to spend time with my child is amazing! I never thought this was possible.

I still feel so fulfilled because I work, I provide for my child and next month I’m sponsoring our family holiday to Sri Lanka! Thank you Wooplr for making my dream into a reality. 

How to decide the right products to sell?


Keeping the right products in your store is the key to success.

You might have a great follower base or amazing sales skill but if you don’t have the in-demand products in your store, you will not be able to succeed and run a high-profit business.

Look for products that are on the best-seller list and don’t forget to do research on what’s currently trending in the fashion world. The right products will help you attract the right customer base. Which in turn will help you earn well.

Watch the video to know how to decide what products to add in your store.

How To Earn Money Through Whatsapp


While some people use it just to chat or to exchange important information. Some people use it to make money!

Over 7 crore people in India today use Whatsapp as a mode of communication. But what if you could use the app in order to sell products and promote your store?

Why will it work?

-Whatsapp is easy to use for all age groups

-Most people already have the app installed

-It’s easy to share images and links with people

-Can create a group of people and send to the group

-Can easily broadcast product links and images to multiple people

At Wooplr, we encourage our store owners to try various channels of selling. It’s no surprise that many store owners have been able to make sales and are able to run their complete business through Whatsapp.

If you are still wondering how to sell through Whatsapp check out the video to know more!

How A Homemaker Earned Over 25k In Just 60 Days


Lavanya Gowda is a simple homemaker living in Bangalore.

Hailing from the small town of Chikmagalur, her dreams were bigger than the bounds of her hometown.

While growing up, she didn’t have access to many career choices, but she was determined. Her father passed away when she was young, and their mother single-handedly raised Lavanya and her brother.

Growing up, her mother was her role model and inspired her to be independent. She pursued her engineering and soon landed a great job in the IT sector for over eight years and got married while she was working.

Though she was a career woman, she was happy that her family was growing when she had birthed a baby boy. She dedicated most of her time towards him and the family.

But the inch of a glorious career didn’t leave her, and she was looking to do something fulfilling for herself.  

She then started looking for opportunities to work from home. Initially, she couldn’t find anything worthwhile. She decided to give business a try. She had her husband for support and was up for the challenge.

It was then, that she came across Wooplr. A platform which would enable her to do what she wanted- run her online store from home, while she taking care of her son.

She says “It’s so simple to use. I just browse the products and share them on Whatsapp. If my customers need anything they ping me like recently my neighbour asked hey Lavanya, have a sangeet to attend next week and need a silk kurti, do you have anything under 1200 & I helped her with the right products. I mostly sell while I am chatting with people.”

Lavanya finally found a platform she could not only earn from but also learn from. Running her own business was a completely new experience for her as she had been in the service sector in the past.  

Lavanya recalls her first sale experience “I still remember how I started, I shared products on my family WhatsApp group and the next day my sister bought a Kurti from me. This is my first experience of selling and honestly It was quite easy. It feels great to have my entire family buy from my store.”

Today, Lavanya’s online store is a whole new adventure for her as she enjoys being financially independent along with motherhood.

How To Start Your Business In Four Easy Steps


Have you always been interested in starting up your own business? Or are you looking for ways to make some money? But you don’t know where to start? Your search ends here!

Here are four simple steps to help you start your own business! And the best part? It’s all for FREE that means zero investment from you!

All you have to do is sign up on Wooplr and follow these simple steps:

Add Trending Products

We have over 100,000 products and 30,000 brands for you to choose from. You can add any products to your store. We have a list of best selling products, which you can add to your store to keep it up to date! Add trendy products to your store according to your taste as well. Personalize it and make it yours!

Get Sharing

Once you have added the products to your store and feel like it’s ready, it’s time to share. Share on all social media platforms and use word of mouth. You can also create WhatsApp groups with your close friends and family members and promote there. Keep updating your customers about the new products.

Time to Earn

Once you have made a successful sale i.e you order has been delivered and not returned for five days, Your online wallet or bank account will automatically get credited with the money. Also, you can enjoy a bonus of Rs.100 on your first order.

Sit Back, Relax and Earn

If you’re nervous about the post sales process, you have nothing to worry about because your job is done. Now you can sit back and let Wooplr handle the rest. From customer care to delivery, we take care of it all. 🙂

Starting a business was never this easy! START NOW! 

Looking for some tips to get instant orders? Here are 5 ways to get you started.


Congrats! You’ve signed up on Wooplr, and you now have your own online store. You have named your store, added trendy products and now what?

While the process of selling is very simple, some store owners may find it difficult to get their first order. We want to change that and So, we’ve made a list of easy ways to grab your first sale!

Create a WhatsApp Group

You can create a group with your close friends and family members initially and promote there. Just identify the most popular categories and push in the group. Make sure to provide product pictures and the detailed description. Keep updating the group with the latest product catalogues.

Promote the Bestseller Catalogue

You will be able to find all the bestseller on your feed when you sign in. If you are confused about which products to add to your store you can always pick from the bestseller collection.

Offer Promo Codes

If you are looking to make your first sale, you can offer free shipping on the first order to your customer. Any customer will love a good offer, so keep them interested by offering them the best! Over time you can generate various coupon codes and offers to give to your customers.

Keep Customers Up To Date

Remember to keep your customer informed about various facilities like the COD option, or the return/exchange policy. Also, let them know whenever a new campaign, sale or collection comes out. It builds trust as the customers feel involved and informed.

Sharing Is Caring

Small gestures go a long way. Your first order will get you a bonus of Rs. 100, you could share the same with your customer or use it as an incentive, you could also offer them cashback on purchases this will ensure them to have more of a reason to shop at your store.

We hope these tips helped you. Now go out there and get your first order! 😀

Why You Need To Download The Wooplr App Right Now!


Earn anytime, anywhere!

In the month of May 2018, we launched the much awaited Wooplr App. This was a game changer for all store owners as they now can access their business from anywhere, anytime.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be downloading the app right now:

  • Download high-quality pictures: Download images of products and share with customers easily!
  • Smart Sharing: Easy share allows you to share the products with your customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay Updated: We send daily notifications with updates, offers, and bestsellers.
  • Better browsing: You can now scroll through the catalogue of over 50,000 products with ease. 
  • Earn on the go: Whether you’re stuck in traffic or chilling on vacation, you can always add, edit and sell from anywhere!

Excited? Download now!



The 19-year-old Who’s Creating A Buzz In The Online Fashion World

The 19-year-old Store Owner/Student shares her experience with Wooplr and gives budding store owners some tips on how she made it big.

5 reasons you must promote ‘Picks of the Day’ right now!

Popular and Easiest to sell : These are the most popular products on Wooplr right now and the more popular a product is, the easier it is to sell. Thus, you could make quick money

Discounted products on display : All the featured products are on huge discounts.  This will catch your customers’ eye and will help you get more orders from them. It’s a win-win situation for both of you

No searching required : You need to no additional effort in searching for products.  Just add ‘picks of the day’ to your store & start sharing to get quick sales.

Celebrity inspired looks : All of them are fashion-forward celebrity inspired looks. This time when you share these products with your customers, you not only earn comission but also receive compliments for amazing taste in fashion

Curated by Wooplr’s Fashion Experts : The selected products are curated by our team of experts who go through the latest national and international trends, celebrity styles and all the newest and coolest looks only for you. You wouldn’t want to miss their fashion picks, would you ?

Changes in paytm payout policy


As you might be already aware, The Reserve Bank of India has issued new guidelines pertaining to issuance and operation of Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) post 28th February 2018. It will be mandatory for everyone to get their KYC done in order to receive funds into their Paytm wallet.

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